wymo lifting aids

At Wymo we help people who have severe disabilities, aged swimmers and those who have minor mobility problems

Wymo has three basic types of product:

The Wheelchair hoist for cars

Post type pool hoist with rotating and lifting seat carriages

Universal Sling Hoist 

The Wymo Wheelchair Hoist is a true Australian invention and has been manufactured for
30 years and distributed around the world.

With the Wymo Wheelchair hoist, freedom is
possible for work and social life without planning and scheduling carers, friends and family.


This type of hoist has 10 applications that use the same principal of lifting and lowering a seat carriage. 

The Pool Access Hoist is the most popular hoist of its kind and is fully compliant to the building code of Australia. 

Concrete fasteners are supplied with all Wymo Patient Hoists.


Wymo has developed the best way of using a sling for situations where a patient needs to be extended over a pool, spa, bath or bed.

A Wymo Universal sling hoist will give access where a mobile hoist will not be able to in these occasions (with no risk of tipping over). 

This hoist has been developed and refined over a period of 20 years.

The current model has an 800mm reach with solar power and sling supplied as standard.