Universal Sling Hoist

The Universal Sling Hoist has universal applications; Wymo Lifting Aids manufactures this hoist for use  lifting a patient into Pool or Spa as well as a bed or bath. The fact that this hoist is anchored to the ground gives the possibility of reaching over a pool etc for easy, safe and smooth access for all of the above requirements.

The Universal Sling Hoist has a winch and a jib with an adjustable spreader bar. It is certified to lift 140kg and is solar charged as well as mains charged. This hoist is vital for those who cannot sit easily in a pool hoist with a seat. Sling and concrete fasteners are included as standard.

Features include

  • SWL 140Kg Static Load 210Kg
  • Primary fail safe through motor 24 volt operation,
  • Batteries included
  • Solar Charged and mains charged Stainless Steel construction,
  • Power coated Light Grey Easily disassembled for storage
  • Winch tested to 600Kg
  • 2 year parts warranty
  • Compliant to the Building Code of Australia 3:10

The building code of Australia requires a sling hoist within 136kg safe working load capacity and 210kg static load capacity. The Universal Sling Hoist is compliant to the BCA requirements (download certification pdf) 

The Universal Sling Hoist is an important option for situations where it is impossible to use a mobile sling hoist. It has a 3 metre travel and a 800mm reach. It can be used for above ground pools and spas as well as inground pools and spas.