The Wymo Wheelchair Hoist Achieves the following

  • Loads the wheelchair safely and securely onto the roof of the car
  • All Wymo Wheelchair Hoists come standard with and inertia real fail safe, making the Wymo Wheelchair Hoist fool proof.
  • The hoist provides the gift of independence to a driver who needs a wheelchair in their daily life
  • The hoist provides the gift of freedom from careers that otherwise are needed to carry and load the wheelchair into the car.
  • The Wymo wheelchair hoist frees the space in the car for travel, groceries and passengers·        
  • The Wymo Wheelchair Hoist is vital for a carer/driver who needs to lift a wheelchair safely, without risk of shoulder and other related injuries.
  • The Wymo Wheelchair Hoist provides the opportunities for highly skilled work and invaluable contributions to communities.
  • Australia is covered by a Wymo distributorship network which handles all aspects of sales, installation and service of the Wymo Wheelchair Hoist

The Wymo Wheelchair Hoist comes in three types

The Standard Wheelchair Hoist: 

Designed with basic features

Arrives at owners door for DIY installation

The Classic Wheelchair Hoist:

The Classic Wheelchair Hoist has 15 extra features and is the first choice of the 3 types of wheelchair Hoist.

The Accord Wheelchair Hoist:

The Accord Wheelchair Hoist has 23 extra features; the main extra items are the vinyl weather cover and the inertia real fail safe.

The Wymo Wheelchair Hoist is a true Australian invention, first made in the summer of 1982 and now celebrating 32 years of manufacture in Grafton NSW Australia.

Adam Wyborn 
WYMO Lifting Aids